Other Hair Extensions Services

Clip-in Hair Extension Sets

These are custom color matched and ordered just for you!

Each set includes 1 X 12″ wide + 1 X 5″ wide + 2 X 2 1/2″ wide. Each with attachment clips sewn in. Very easy to apply and wear and removal is a “snap” literally!

Free 30 minute step by step application demo/lesson with each new set purchased.

  • 10″-12″ lengths =$475
  • 14″-16″ lengths =$600
  • 18″-20″ lengths =$640
 Wigs and  Clip-In Hairpieces
We offer a fitting service and custom order wigs from Raquel Welch, Gabor,  Jon Reneau, Pop-In Pieces and more. We can discuss solutions for everything from the prom or wedding Up-do that needs a little umph, to serious issues such as Alopecia and trichotillomania.

We Also Provide Hair Extensions Maintenance & Removal Services


This service checks in with extension wearers and makes sure the person is properly taking care of their extensions. We  include scientific brushing (a unique and thorough brushing of the hair) a shampoo, an “anti-tap” application (anti tap helps keep the bonds dry and healthy) and a beautiful blow dry and styling.


Removing extensions is a safe and painless process taking an average of two hours to complete for the full head of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Great Lengths require a solvent solution to be applied to each bond and a plier-like tool is used to gently “crack” the bond open for easy removal

Hotheads Hair Extensions ( Easihair Pro & Platinum Seamless) can be done in about an hour and replaced just as fast, similarly a solvent is used to “unstick” the tape tabs so they can be removed from the hair and a new tape strip is then applied for re-application.

Lox Hair Extensions can take an hour or two depending on the amount of extensions applied. A plier-like tool is used to open the link and it is then manually moved back up towards the scalp for a tightening service and when removal is desired or necessary, the hair is just pulled gently from the hair.

All types of extensions will be removed safely for $100 per hour.