Lox Tip Hair Extensions

LOX hair extensions are seamless, weightless and traceless…offering you the power to transform your look instantly and affordably.

LOX 100% Remy human hair extensions come in two types for maximum blending;  Single LOX and LOX Wefts.

Single Lox are individual sections of hair with a hand sewn silicone coated bead applied one at a time with an average of 200 for a full head application.

LOX wefts are hand sewn human hairs sewn together onto a thin mesh strip with a polyurethane layer at the top to fit securely and comfortably to the scalp allowing movement and less tension. Lox silicone coated beads are used to secure additions to natural hair in the same fashion as the Lox singles for a secure fit and longevity of wear.

The Lox gentle loop method is always used and is safe causing little-to-no damage to the natural hair. Lox wefts are recommended for medium to thick textures while Lox singles are recommended for fine hair.

LOX hair extensions are for active women, with busy lives. The 2-3 hour application process  gets you in and out, so you don’t have to spend an entire day in the salon.

Lox links are silicone coated aluminum & zinc beads that hold up far better than the soft copper alternatives on the market. The silicone acts as a flexible cushion between the hair and the metal bead causing little-to-no damage to the natural hair.

The Simple Process:

  • 2-3 hour application. Other extension companies could take up to 8 hours to apply.
  • Initial application lasts 3-4 months with proper care.
  • LOX Lifting service takes place every 4-8 weeks and takes 45-60 minutes. Other brands are not typically readjusted once bonded onto the hair.

This service ensures less damage to the natural hair than other similar brands.