How Much Are Hair Extensions?

We offer clients three (3) methods of hair extensions. Each with its own distinct set of benefits and costs.

One of the most common questions we receive is “how much do extensions cost?”. The truth is there are many variables involved in selecting the right type of hair extensions, factors include your personal hair type, your current volume of hair, the longevity of the extensions and the look you are trying to achieve.

Because of these variables we are not able to quote set and specific prices without speaking with you by email or phone…the best case situation is to have you come visit us for a free no obligation consultation.

It’s during an in person consultation that we can meet with you and discuss your needs and desires and then explain each type of service we offer in more detail and together we can select the type of extensions that are best suited to your personal situation.

Having said the above…. We are aware that our website visitors would still like to understand the different price ranges of each type of service. So with that in mind, please read below where we discuss in general terms what you can expect in terms of cost for each type of hair extensions.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths extensions last up to 5 months with proper care. They range in price from $1800-$2400 depending on length, thickness, and overall style.

These take 6-8 hours to apply. They are the most realistic and undetectable extensions available. Different than other “keratin” bond type extensions, Great Lengths extensions use the patented keratin bond that swells and contracts with your own hair, minimizing damage and extending the overall wear of the extension.

Brushing and proper cleansing products and techniques are all you need to maintain Great Lengths extensions. Removal is done for $100 per hour (this usually takes two hours) and hair can not be re-used.

Hotheads Hair Extensions

Hotheads extensions last 3-4 months and can be re-used 3 times (plus additional cost to remove and reapply extensions each time they are reused) the initial price for these are anywhere from $800-$1500 depending again on how long and how much hair is needed.

This type take about 2 hours to apply. Removal is done for $100 per hour (one hour or less is usually all that is needed), and the re-tab and re-application is done for $200-$250 depending on the number of extensions being re-used and re-applied.

Lox Hair Extensions

Lox extensions last 3-4 months and need to be “tightened” or “lifted” in-between as they grow out, usually between 4-6 weeks. This type costs between $800-$1200 but is not recommended for very fine hair. application time is anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on desired result and density. Lifting services can be done for $175-$200 depending on density.

*Note: If you are allergic to aluminum or zinc Lox extensions can not be used. If undergoing an MRI these extensions will need to be removed prior to procedure. People with scalp conditions such as alopecia, eczema, or psoriasis are not candidates for lox extensions.

If this interests you, please call (415-320-2537) or e-mail so we can schedule a complete consultation where we can give you an exact price and discuss your desired finished style.