Hair Color Services

As a master colorists our team is capable of transforming your hair in only a few hours.

Techniques such as highlighting, baliage, color blocking, or ombre can be used for special effects.

These techniques paired with color brands such as Redken, Wella, and Schwarzkopf  are used to create the ultimate in gorgeous hair color for every client.


Special Hair Color Services Offer

  • Free Conditioning Color Gloss* (a $75.00 value) With any hair color service. (New clients only) * Glosses add shine and seal moisture into the hair for a sparkling finish to any hair color service.

  • Free 15 min consultation prior to hair color service to ensure the perfect desired result.

  • Free custom shampoo and conditioning using our specially selected high quality products to enhance or repair your hair. ( We will not use bulk generic back bar products on your hair).

  • Free Blow dry and styling, using the tools necessary to make your hair look and feel like a magazine cover model’s.

PLUS….you get all of the above and all work is backed by my Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • We want you to be 100% happy with your new hair color. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new hair color, I will do what it takes to create the look you are seeking.

Additional Information About Hair Color Services


A permanent all over hair color used to change the color of your natural hair. This usually becomes a tint “touch up” at subsequent appointments and is usually only used in the regrowth area, or for weaving techniques.

Highlight Services

A highlight is a weaving technique used to create natural or not so natural looking streaks throughout the hair. Small sections are woven out and a foil or wax coated paper is used to separate the desired  highlighted hair from the natural or base colored hair. Anything from permanent tint to bleach and semi or demi-permanent colors may be used.


  • Full Highlight

Refers to the highlighting technique being used to cover the entire head.

  • Partial Highlight

A highlighting technique is used on the top, sides and crown areas of the head only. Usually the back is not touched.

  • Partial Partial Highlight

A highlighting technique is used in only a small select area of the head, ex ; the fringe or bang area.

  • Multiple Color Highlight

When multiple colors are used in the woven technique . This usually produces a very natural or multi-tonal effect. The larger the sections, the more obvious the color result. The finer the woven sections are the more subtle and natural the effect.

 Gloss or Toner Hair Color Services

Gloss or Toner

A semi or demi-permanent color used all over the head. This can be clear with no added color used for shine only or may have color to it used to refine or correct existing color.


Glosses are great for adding depth and shine to over-bleached hair and a great solution for the client who is not completely committed to hair color. This will only blend in gray hair and is not designed to “cover” gray hair.

Glosses are also used in color correction services because of the wonderful “conditioning” results and minimal damage to the hair. Glosses are a great solution for men who don’t want their hair to look colored but want the gray hair to blend in “naturally”. Glosses do not leave a line of demarcation and gradually fade out of the hair. Glosses last up to 6-8 weeks and can be repeated as needed.



Ombre hair refers to hair color that fades from dark to light, or vise versa.

Instead of color starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter or darker towards the ends.

The word “Ombre” in French means shadow or shade. So, in the hair, it is a color change that can be soft like a shadow in soft light or bold like a shadow in bright daylight.


Balayage Hair Color Services

Balayage is a careful and artistic technique of hand painted highlights strategically placed to enhance a haircut or color.

These can be bold or subtle and can be toned any shade of the rainbow.